Choose Best for Your Family

Good & nutritious ingredients are the secret of good health & perfect taste. QUTUB MINAR Refined Oil brings to you three variants, perfect for your family’s happiness.

The Best Oil Come Alive

Tasty, Light and Healthy

Qutub Minar Refined oil makes your food tasty, light and healthy. Full of high protein, nutrients and good fats, Qutub Minar Refined oil is not only good for the digestive system but also boosts the immune system. Be the best chef of your home.

Pure Ingredients. Uncompromised Quality.

Our machines now use CTi’s Nano Neutralization technology. This special tech is made just for cooking. It comes from Desmet Ballestra, a top company in Belgium. This tech makes our oil better and free from bad stuff. You can tell the oil is good by its color.